Hilux Hilux


A dynamic presence that integrates advanced power: The qualities that make the Hilux the leader of a new generation. Big, strong and stylish, the Hilux sets the standard for a new generation. In both work and leisure, its advanced capabilities and features will help to expand your lifestyle.

Double Cab 4WD


Double Cab 2WD


Single Cab 4WD

Single Cab 2WD

Outstanding rigidity and durability: the Hilux helps you to achieve new goals.

The Hilux’s all-round performance is built on the use of advanced Toyota technologies such as the high-rigidity frame and the part-time 4WD system that delivers robust strength and reassures power to easily handle varying terrains and driving conditions.

On 4WD models, a part-time 2 speed transfer lets you choose the mode that best matches road conditions. H2 mode, for example, is ideal for regular driving on city streets and highways, while H4 mode is best for rainy, slippery conditions. L4 mode provides especially strong traction when required.

The rear suspension is a rigid axle type. The leaf springs and the damping force of the shock absorbers are optimally tuned to provide excellent stability, control and flat ride comfort.

The high-rigidity frame structure provides a strong platform for the Hilux’s performance. Use of ‘CAE’ (Computer Aided Engineering) to optimize the body structure helps to reduce noise and vibration and contributes to excellent stability and control.

The double wishbone front suspension features coil springs which provide good wheel stroke. It is a significant contributor to the outstanding ride comfort and handling.