We continually look to optimise your warehouse operations by combining the right racking type and configuration with the most suitable material handling equipment.

Since our wide truck range and complete racking offer go hand in hand, each project is custom-made when it comes to storage capacity, pallet flows and pallet turnover. This way we can deliver maximum space utilisation, higher productivity, reduced costs – and enhance overall efficiency.

Selective Pallet Racking

Conceptualized to store wide variety of SKUs with high inventory turnover. It gives 100% selectivity to access the pallets. Based on type of Material Handling Equipment (MHE), SPR is configured for wide, narrow & very narrow aisle operation.

Drive In Pallet Racking

Conceptualized for managing few varieties of SKUs stored in batches, in deep bays. As evident from the name, MHE – like reach trucks drive inside the storage bays to access the pallets.

Double Deep Pallet Racking

Extension of selective pallet racking, with an objective to increase the rack to aisle ratio for better cubic utilization. Two pallets are kept one behind the other, thus offering 50% selectivity.

Mobile Pallet Racking

Dynamic racking where Selective Pallet Racking (SPR) is mounted on wheels, which are powered to move on embedded rails. It doubles cubic space utilization compared to SPR.

ASRS Pallet Racking

Precision engineered racking system to seamlessly integrate with software based high speed mechanism like crane, conveyors. The racks are fully compatible to work in an automated operating environment.

Push Back Pallet Racking

Cart based racking system suitable for LIFO and for few quantities per SKU with medium inventory turnover. MHE places the pallets by pushing one behind another & retrieves them from the same end where the pallets are fed forward by the gravity.

Flow Pallet Racking

Gravity enlivened racking system suitable for FIFO, with reduced MHE traffic. The movement of pallets from one end to other by gravity rollers ensures the best stock rotation.

Shuttle Pallet Racking

Dense racking eliminates MHE movement inside the racks.MHE – like reach trucks stay away from the racks to access the pallets. The pallets are handled by battery-powered radio shuttle within deep storage bays.