Toyota Lanka is a company that respects your talent, rewards your hard work, and believes in helping you grow and advance your career. We want to enhance lives through forward-thinking mobility solutions, and we’re looking for people like you to help us bring these solutions to light. If you want to be part of the next-generation of innovations that help get the world moving, then join us. And let’s go places, together.

Toyota Lanka is a unique company, which ensures employee development in every aspect. Our aim is to transform our employees’ lives, not just by offering them employment, but by creating careers for them. The Toyota Lanka ‘competency framework’, branded as “Ape Hatti“, which resembles Toyota Lanka’s values and code of ethics, set the foundation for training & development intervention of the organization. We firmly believe that sharpening employee competencies and developing our people, is the way for creating a future competitive advantage in the industry.

Our training and development programs have been aligned to our business priorities. They are designed and delivered only after the identification of proper training and development requirements, based on competency gaps in their performances. The development initiatives aim at developing competencies of the next level jobs, based on the potential and readiness, which is identified through in-house development centers, using globally accepted and validated assessment tools.



Experiential learning has become a widely used methodology, in imparting learning that supports employees in applying their knowledge and conceptual understanding, to real-world problems and situations. Based on the identified need, the ‘Off-terrain Experiential Learning Programme’ was designed along with the experiential learning experts; the Borderlands. This exclusive program was conducted at the Adventure Park in Kithulagala, which served as a setting for many adventurous activities.

Based on the direction of MD –Yoshioka San, Director – Mano San and GM – HR Deme San, 250 employees from the Service and Administration departments were sent for this experiential learning program, to give them a novel experience away from the usual office environment.

All participants were mixed into different teams representing various departments, inspite of their grade and hierarchy. One programme ran for a full 2 days, while participants were given an exciting experience and endless learning through various activities, such as Rafting, Sliding, Confident Jumping, Magic Sticks, Paintball Shooting etc.

The main objective of the program was to deepen the Toyota Lanka employees’ togetherness and enhance employee engagement and skill development, which support the construction of new understandings, when placed in different situations.

The entire programme, which consisted 5 batches, was successfully completed with Zero accidents and the overall program was rated as outstanding by the participants, which has left a memorable experience in their hearts.